Sushi Galore

As a little girl, Sushi left her small village in Southeast Asia to seek her fame and fortune in the new world. Her first stop was the big city of Bangkok. Sushi learned to Bangkok very well and soon saved enough money to buy a first class ticket on a garbage barge headed to Tokyo. Sushi “worked” her way up through the fashion industry in Tokyo. This is where she created her unique fashion sense that would serve her well in America. But first she had to get there. She was offered a job as a runway model working for the finest fashion houses in Bulgaria. She soon became a star and national heroine in Bulgaria with the occasional booking in Slovakia. But this was not enough for Sushi. She wanted much more. One day, while working the runway, she caught the eye of a very rich and very old American businessman. He died two days after they were wed. Sushi mourned for days but then was acquitted of the charges. Armed with her new USA passport, Sushi was ready to make her North American debut. She arrived at LAX on Turkmenistan Airlines, emerging from the first class cabin with two goats and a chicken. And the rest is history.